Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) 


By graduation, Desert Mirage High School students will be


  • Proficient Learners who:
    • Show mastery of key academic standards.
    • Demonstrate consistent improvement.
    • Value achievement and learning.


  • Responsible Citizens who:
    • Take responsibility for their individual behavior, health and personal development.
    • Plan and engage in their own academic progress.
    • Respect the ideas, beliefs, values and culture of others as well as their own.


  • Interactive Participants  who:
    • Act to improve the school, community and global environment.
    • Collaborate effectively with others.
    • Are prepared to pursue career and educational options.


  • Decisive Problem-Solvers who:
    • Locate, organize, analyze and apply information.
    • Question for clarification.
    • Apply critical thinking skills.


  • Effective Communicators who:
    • Listen and read to comprehend, synthesize and evaluate.
    • Speak and write effectively in English.
    • Use technology proficiently and appropriately.


Desert Mirage High School has PRIDE!

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