Instructor:  Erasmo Cisneros
Telephone:  760-225-3355 ext. 7416
Classroom:  H4-116

Welcome to ROP Audio Technology.  ROP is the acronym for Regional Occupation Program.  This and other programs like these are provided by the Riverside County Office of Education to provide students the opportunity to recieve “hands-on” education in career and technical fields.

Although this class is provided as a seperate course through the county, ROP classes still count as elective credits within the district.  What that means is yes this does count towards your graduation.

The grading system for the class will work as follows:

20% Homework and Worksheets

25% Participation

25% Quizes and Tests

30% Projects

Class projects weigh heavily in this class as it is a vocational class.  As in traditional vocational education it is important to know the written terms, vocabulary and process on paper but when it boils down to it an employer wants a person to work for them who can do what she/he has read about.  For us in Audio Technology, that means producing a variety of deliverables or products.  These can range from audio recordings (music, vocal, instrumentals) to broadcasting an audio relating station and everything in between.

Class Rules or Norms.

We do not have a typical class set of rules.  I understand you have received a list of rules your whole life and have by this point become immune to the consequences of your various actions throughout your academic career thus far.  I only ask that you participate in reciting “The Definite Dozen” and hope it becomes an important part of your life to make you a better person.  I have students recite the dozen not to subscribe a dictorial teachers commands as you are accustomed to, but to think about your actions and stand tall as you recite it because you are doing it for yourself first and foremost.

Discipline yourself so no one else has to.



Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

By graduation, Desert Mirage High School students will be

  • Proficient Learners who:
    • Show mastery of key academic standards.
    • Demonstrate consistent improvement.
    • Value achievement and learning.
  • Responsible Citizens who:
    • Take responsibility for their individual behavior, health and personal development.
    • Plan and engage in their own academic progress.
    • Respect the ideas, beliefs, values and culture of others as well as their own.
  • Interactive Participants who:
    • Act to improve the school, community and global environment.
    • Collaborate effectively with others.
    • Are prepared to pursue career and educational options.
  • Decisive Problem-Solvers who:
    • Locate, organize, analyze and apply information.
    • Question for clarification.
    • Apply critical thinking skills.
  • Effective Communicators who:
    • Listen and read to comprehend, synthesize and evaluate.
    • Speak and write effectively in English.
    • Use technology proficiently and appropriately.

Desert Mirage High School has PRIDE!

Go Rams!