1. What other game series has connections to the Halo universe?
a. Halflife
b. Doom
c. Marathon
d. Call of Duty

2. What was the original format for the Halo game?
a.  Real-time strategy
b. Role-playing game
c. First-person shooter
d. Board Game

3. What’s the term for A.I. insanity in the Halo universe?
a. Rampancy
b. Parity Error
c. Glitch Overload
d. Artificial Intelligence

4. Who built the Halo devices?
a. The Flood
b. The Covenant
c. The Forerunners
d. The Travelers

5.  What is Installation 00 better known as?
a. The Artifact
b. The Arc
c. Halo
d. The Arsonists

6. What is Master Chief’s real name?
a. Mark
b. Greg
c. John
d. Deltron 3030

7. What is the name of the ship you’re on at the beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved?
a. The Pillar of Autumn
b. In Amber Clad
c. The Ascendant Justice
d. A Tribe Called Quest

8. What type of armor does the Master Chief wear during Halo: Combat Evolved?
b.  MJOLNIR Mark V
d. MJOLNIR Mark Live

9. What’s the name of the monitor of Installation 05, aka the Halo ring you land on in Halo 2?
a.  2401 Penitent Tangent
b. 686 Ebullient Prism
c. 343 Guilty Spark
d. 88 Keys

10. What are Master Chief’s final words in Halo 3?
a.   “It’s just getting started.”
b.   “Wake me when you need me.”
c.  “I need a weapon.”
d. “It was all a dream.”