Match the definition with the correct vocabulary word.

_____ Admission requirements
_____ Apprenticeship
_____ Associate Degree
_____ Bachelor Degree
_____ Certificate
_____ Community College
_____ CSU
_____ Electives
_____ Full-time Student
_____ General education requirements
_____ Major
_____ On-the-Job Training
_____ Prerequisite
_____ Private Institution
_____ Trade or Technical School
_____ Quarter or Semester
_____ Transcript
_____ Transferable Units
_____ Tuition
_____ UC
_____ Undergrad
_____ Upper Division
_____ U.S. Military

A. A course needed for graduation credit, but not one of the specific course requirements.

B. A school that is not supported by state taxes.

C. A college student who generally takes a minimum of either 12 units per quarter or 12 units per semester.

D. Training provided by the employer while working.

E. Specific training in a trade which leads to a certificate.

F. Publicly supported and local oriented college that offers two
year programs that are transferable to a four year institution.

G. A set of rules established by each college for a student to be accepted.

H. Courses designated for the junior and senior years of college.

I. The primary or main subject students study at a college or university.

J. A fee that is paid for instruction in a school, college or university.

K. Verification of proven competency in a specific skill after training.

L. Courses, test scores, and/or grade level that must be completed before taking a specific course.

M. The 23 public state universities.

N. University of California – 9 campuses (public)

O. Three terms of 11 weeks of instruction or two terms of 17 – 18 weeks of instruction.

P. Course credits that are acceptable to another college.

Q. An official copy of awarded credits and grades from any school you have attended.

R. “Earn and learn” work-based education program

S. College student who has not yet received a bachelor’s degree.

T. Courses selected from several divisions required for a college degree usually completed in the first two years of college.

U. Title given to graduates upon completion of a four year college program.

V. Education and specialized training provided by “Uncle Sam”

W. Title given to a graduate upon completion of a two year college program.