Using the website, identify true and false statements. False statements will be rewritten correctly.

True/False Pretest about Post Secondary options.

1. Tuition fees at private colleges are less than at public colleges.

2. All college scholarships are based on academic performance.

3. College acceptance is based on your academic performance in Grades 9-12.

4. A community college offers a two year program.

5. Community college tuition fees are less than tuition fees at public colleges.

6. Most colleges require that students include an SAT score in their application.

7. Some private colleges have easier admission requirements than public colleges.

8. Public colleges and universities are supported by tax dollars.

9. Students can complete a college transfer program at a community college and complete the requirements for a four year degree at a college or university.

10. Students can drop out of high school and enlist in the military to finish school and get postsecondary training.

11. The college redirection program refers to students changing their college major.

12. Tuition fees at out of state public colleges are generally equivalent to in-state public colleges.

13. Only four year public colleges and universities are included at

14. Extra-curricular involvement is not a factor in college admission.

15. Most community colleges have an open door admissions policy.

16. Four year colleges and universities do not require second language courses for admission.

17. Colleges and universities supported by religious groups are considered public colleges.

18. has free test preparation courses for SAT and ACT.

19. Financial aid based on special talents, achievement, or skills of the student is referred to as merit-based aid.

20. Need-based financial aid is based on what a student’s family states that they are willing to pay for tuition.

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