1. Two students apply for federal student aid–a mediocre student and a high–achieving student. Which applicant will receive a higher award?

A.) The mediocre student
B.) The high-achieving student
C.) The student who applied first
D.) The better-looking student
E.) Cannot determine from the information given

2. What was the average cost of a private four-year college for the 2009-10 school year?

A.) 35,000
B.) 23,000
C.) 26,000
D.) 29,000
E.) 20,000

3. What’s the most expensive college in the United States?

A.) Harvard University
B.) George Washington University
C.) New York University
D.) University of Phoenix
E.) Arts Institute

4. What fraction of college students receives financial aid?

A.) One Quarter
B.) Two Thirds
C.) Three Quaters
D.) One Third
E.) 90 Percent

5. What was the total average amount of financial aid received by students at four-year colleges in 2008-2009?

A.) $2,725
B.) $5,600
C.) $10,185
D.) $11,300
E.) $12,272

6. What’s the total amount of financial aid out there, waiting to be snapped up by eager students?

A.) $986 Million
B.) $7 Billion
C.) $49 Billion
D.) $168 Billion
E.) $343 Billion

7. The first thing you need to do in the search for financial aid is fill out this form.


8. What’s the most sought-after form of financial aid?

A.) Federal Loans
B.) Grants
C.) Tax Deductions
D.) Work Study
E.) Stafford Loans

9. What’s the main federal grant program?

A.) Scott
B.) Lewis
C.) Pell
D.) Landsman
E.) Cisneros

10. What’s the main factor in evaluating if you’re eligible for a Pell Grant?

A.) Your SAT score
B.) Your High School GPA
C.) Your Volunteer Work
D.) Your Financial Need
E.) Your ACT score