Record numbers of Americans are turning to higher education to give them a stronger edge in the job market. One of the fastest growing—and most controversial—sectors of the higher-education industry is for-profit colleges and universities. Use Google or your favorite search engine and prior knowledge to answer the following questions.

1) How do federal grants and loans benefit both students and for-profit schools?

2) Why do many graduates find it difficult to repay student loans?

3) Do you feel the for-profit schools that arrange for these loans are partly responsible for the problem? Explain.

4) For-profit institutions say they provide a valuable service to low-income and adult students that traditional higher education has given up on.  Do you agree or disagree?

5) Critics of for-profit schools say such institutions use high-pressure sales tactics to recruit students, provide easy access to federal financial aid, load them with debt, and leave the taxpayer stuck with the bill.  Do you agree or disagree?