1. For comparison, ________ HD movies have a maximum bitrate of 48 Mbit/s H.264 or VC-1 1080p.
a. DVD
b. Blu-ray Disc
d. Optical disc authoring

2. AirTunes can be controlled by a Keyspan USB-enabled infrared remote control plugged into the USB port, but the ________’s volume buttons cannot control AirTunes.
a. Mac Mini
b. AirPort
c. Apple TV
d. Apple Remote

3. What is Apple TV?
a. Reservoir
b. Anti-ship missile
c. Album
d. Digital media receiver

4. Which of the following inputs does Apple TV take?
a. circular keypad
b. Multi-touch
c. Apple Remote, iPhone, iPod touch
d. controller

5. Which of the following media formats has Apple TV been available in?
a. Cassette
c. Download
d. 160 GB Internal 2.5u2033 PATA Hard disk

6. Apple included an Apple TV export option in an update to their ________ software that was released at the same time as Apple TV.
a. Safari (web browser)
b. QuickTime
c. Mac OS X
d. Container format (digital)

7. Which of the following titles did Apple TV have?
a. Apple TV
b. Road Apples
c. Cookies-n-Apple Juice
d. Apple and Cinnamon

8. Streaming performance of movies and TV shows purchased from the iTunes Store over an 802.11g wireless network was described by ________’s John P.
a. CNET Networks
b. Last.fm
c. GameSpot
d. CBS

9. It also has support for files encrypted with the FairPlay ________ technology.
a. Digital rights management
b. Free software licence
c. Free Software Foundation
d. Copyleft

10. While playing “audio-only” content such as music and audio ________, Apple TV periodically moves album art and content info on the TV display to prevent burn-in on video displays.
a. Amarok (software)
b. Songbird (software)
c. Podcast
d. Winamp

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