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Check out this article from CNN that mentions a man that has trained his ears to see. If you recall, he was mentioned previously in our class. Click the image below to read the article and answer the following questions.

1. What is the name of the blind man that can see with his ears?

2. What is the name of the conference that he was a featured speaker?

3. Is he completely blind or does he have partial sight?

4. At what age did he become blind?

5. What is the name of the non-profit that he founded?

6. What is his goal with the non-profit?

7. How many children has the group taught to see with their ears?

8. How many schools for the blind has his group contacted?

9. Of those schools for the blind that were contacted, How many have shown interest in echolocation?

10. What is Echolocation? (not found in article)

11. Name 2 animals that use echolocation. (not found in article)

How do you do the following functions on your iMac? If you are not sure, use google or another search engine to find out how to complete each task (shortcut or key stroke).

1) How do you create a screenshot on your iMac? (take picture of screen)

2) How do you take a picture of a certain part of your screen?

3) How do you “right click” on a Mac?

4) How do you create a PDF on a Mac?

5) How do you install software updates?

6) How do you take a picture of the whole screen?

7) How do you open a new tab in you internet browser?

8) How do you copy and paste?

Look at each picture and choose whether it is a PC or MAC.

Please read carefully before beginning: In this quiz, “PC” refers to any IBM-clone type machine/platform running Windows or its direct predecessors. We all know Macs are personal computers too, but for the purpose of the quiz, as it relates to the modern Mac/PC debate and all those great TV commercials, Mac = Apple and PC = IBM/Microsoft.

Question 1 of 10

I’m a?

Question 2 of 10

This design application is used on which platform?

Question 3 of 10

I’m a?

Question 4 of 10

I’m a?

Question 5 of 10

In default mode, without going into Control Panel or System Preferences and changing settings, pressing the SHIFT key 5 times in a row turns on a special feature on which platform?

Question 6 of 10

The key below can be found with MAC or PC?

Question 7 of 10

I’m a?

Question 8 of 10

I’m a?

Question 9 of 10

Sony Vaio is a MAC or PC?


Question 10 of 10

Is this a Mac or PC?

Based on the video clip, Generation Like, answer the following questions.

1) Who Profits from “Likes, shares, follows and retweets on social media?”

2) What does it mean to sell out?

3) What do you think is the most popular social network today?

4) Do you follow a celebrity online?  If yes, who and on what website(s)?

5) What movie(s) are mentioned in the video?

6) Name 3 products mentioned in the video.

7) What bands or musicians are mentioned in the video?


1. For comparison, ________ HD movies have a maximum bitrate of 48 Mbit/s H.264 or VC-1 1080p.
a. DVD
b. Blu-ray Disc
d. Optical disc authoring

2. AirTunes can be controlled by a Keyspan USB-enabled infrared remote control plugged into the USB port, but the ________’s volume buttons cannot control AirTunes.
a. Mac Mini
b. AirPort
c. Apple TV
d. Apple Remote

3. What is Apple TV?
a. Reservoir
b. Anti-ship missile
c. Album
d. Digital media receiver

4. Which of the following inputs does Apple TV take?
a. circular keypad
b. Multi-touch
c. Apple Remote, iPhone, iPod touch
d. controller

5. Which of the following media formats has Apple TV been available in?
a. Cassette
c. Download
d. 160 GB Internal 2.5u2033 PATA Hard disk

6. Apple included an Apple TV export option in an update to their ________ software that was released at the same time as Apple TV.
a. Safari (web browser)
b. QuickTime
c. Mac OS X
d. Container format (digital)

7. Which of the following titles did Apple TV have?
a. Apple TV
b. Road Apples
c. Cookies-n-Apple Juice
d. Apple and Cinnamon

8. Streaming performance of movies and TV shows purchased from the iTunes Store over an 802.11g wireless network was described by ________’s John P.
a. CNET Networks
c. GameSpot
d. CBS

9. It also has support for files encrypted with the FairPlay ________ technology.
a. Digital rights management
b. Free software licence
c. Free Software Foundation
d. Copyleft

10. While playing “audio-only” content such as music and audio ________, Apple TV periodically moves album art and content info on the TV display to prevent burn-in on video displays.
a. Amarok (software)
b. Songbird (software)
c. Podcast
d. Winamp

apple tv

Apple has sold over 150 million iPad tablet computers since their release in 2010. If you haven’t touched, tapped or swiped on one, you will soon enough. Get up to speed with this quiz, and find out just how much you know about Apple’s iPad.  Leave a comment with your answers.

1. How many generations of the iPad are available as of October 22, 2013?

a. 3rd Generation
b. 4th Generation
c. 5th Generation
d. 8th Generation

2. How many iPad’s has Apple sold in total as of October 2013?

a. 150,000
b. 175,000
c. 1,500,000
d. 175,000,000

3. How many first-generation iPad’s did Apple sell in 2010?

a. 10,000
b. 15,000
c. 150,000
d. 15,000,000

4. What devices use the iOS operating system?

a. Macbook Air and Macbook Pro
b. iMac’s and iMac Pro’s
c. iPod’s, iPad’s and Apple TV
d. All of the above

5. What operating system are we currently running on our iMac computers?

a. iOS
b. OSX
c. Windows 7
d. Windows 8

6. What is Flash Based Storage?  (Answer with your best response)

7. What is the advantage of flash-based storage?

a. Smaller size and faster start-up times
b. Greater storage capacity
c. Larger size and slower start-up times
c. Privacy and Cumsomization

8. How does the iPad connect to the Internet?

a. WiFi signals and Cellular Signals
b. Ethernet
c. Cellular Signals only
d. Does not connect to internet

9. How does the iPad 2 detect movement?

a. It uses an accelerometer and constantly on memory to track its position
b. It uses a combination of motion and position sensors to track its position.
c. It uses tiny shifting weights to identify up, down, left and right.
d. magic

10. What is the best way to protect your iPad?

a. Protective skin
b. Protective case
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

11. True or false: The iPad 3 is the same size and weight as the original iPad.

12. When does the iPad Air and iPad Mini with retina display go on sale?

a. October 22, 2013
b. October 23, 2013
c. November 1, 2013
d. December 25, 2013

13. How many native apps by Apple and 3rd parties are available at the app store?

a. 150,000
b. 475,000
c. 150,000,000
d. 475,000,000

14. How many apps have been downloaded from the Apple app store?

a. 40,000
b. 40,000,000
c. 40,000,000,000
d. 40

15. What generation of the iPad is CVUSD providing for students in the district?

a. 1st Generation
b. 2nd Generation
c. 3rd Generation
d. 4th Generation
e. 5th Generation

Click the image below, read the article from CNN and answer the following questions.

1) What company is Microsoft going to buy?

2) How much is Microsoft paying for the company?

3) The deal gives Microsoft access to the market for _________ and __________.

4) What products does Microsoft hope to support with the new company?

5) When was the last time Microsoft purchased a company?

6) How many users did the company have in 2010?

7) How many minutes were logged by users in 2010?

8. What company bought Skype in 2005?

8a. Did the purchase in 2005 work out?

9) How much did the company pay for Skype in 2005?

10) How much was it sold for in 2009?

Directions:  Use a search engine to find the answers. Leave a comment with your answers.

  1. The official Olympic Anthem was written by whom and of what nationality was s/he?
  2. Antonio Stradivari made more than 1,100 instruments during his lifetime.  What instrument is his most “noted”
  3. Yo Yo Ma  owns one of Antonio Stradivari’s instruments but plays primarily on this one.   Name the instrument and instrument maker.  What is the value of this particular instrument that Yo Yo Ma owns?
  4. Ohio is the only state to have an official rock song.  What is the name of the song?
  5. This instrument has 88 keys and the most elegant of these have been made in New York since 1853.  Name the instrument and this prestigious company.

Click the image below and leave a comment with your thoughts on Malverde’s use of his name.  Leave a paragraph then answer the questions below.
Answer the following questions after reading the article from CNN:

1) How old is the legend of Jesus Malverde?

2) What is the real name of the latino rapper that calls himself Malverde?

3) Malverde is known as the _________ of Mexico.

4) Where is a shrine of Malverde located?

5) The latino rapper was signed by which record label?
a. Def Jam
b. Capitol Records
c. Universal Latino
d. Stones Throw

6) A year ago he stopped playing music under the name Malverde and now focuses on a collaboration he calls __________ .

Answer the questions below after watching the video clip in class.  A link to the video can be found here, if you are absent.

1.  What does it mean to multi-task?

2.  Do you consider yourself to be a multi-tasker?

2a.  If yes, would you say that you are good at it?

3.  What, if any, would you consider to be your main digital distraction(s)?

4.  What was the song from South Korea about?

5.  Which stimulated more brain activity?  (a or b)

a.  Reading a Book

b.  Performing a Google Search

6.  What was the name of the 83 year old grandmother who has her own online cooking show?

7.  Do you think it is possible to become addicted to electronic devices?

8.  What company opened an online outpost in the virtual world?

a.  Coca-Cola

b.  Pepsi

c.  Gatorade

d.  Powerade

8a.  Was the outpost successful?

9.  What was the name of the film?

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