Click the image below to be taken to a chart that will help you answer the following questions.

1. Students working on a classroom video project can use six minutes of a half-hour news documentary.

2. A person must place a copyright notice on work to make it copyrighted.

3. It is permissible to copy a page of 25 collected Internet Web links and place it on your Internet page.

4. What is attribution?

5. What 4 criteria constitute fair use?

6. An IB student writes and produces a short play. One of the characters has a birthday during the course of the play, and in one scene, five other characters sing_”Happy Birthday to You” around a candle-covered birthday cake. Is it copyright infringement?

7. Your IB history teacher records a program from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) on her DVD recorder at home. She shows the film to her History of the Americas class as part of a presentation. Is this copyright infringement?

8. IB theatre students write a skit, a parody of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, for a forum about same-sex marriage. Is it copyright infringement?

9. The IB psychology teacher at your school has placed 4 articles on reserve in the library. All of the articles were printed from various scholarly journals that she found and printed ITom an online subscription database. Students are required to have copies of the articles and annotate them a set times throughout the semester. Can the library legally allow the student to copy the articles?

10. What if a publisher will not give permission? Can you use the work anyway?

11. What differentiation would you make between plagiarism and copyright?

12. You place the user names and passwords for home access to your subscription databases out on your school web site. Anyone searching the Internet can download it and access the resources your school has paid for. Is this a violation of copyright?

13. One of your teachers wants to show a TV program that he purchased from iTunes. The program is curriculum appropriate and will show on a TV monitor. Can the teacher use it?