1. What are the differences between borrowing or appropriating from a creative work, and “ripping off’ or “stealing” from the work’s creator? What other terms can be used to define the same kinds of processes?

2. What are some of the recent cases that you have heard about? Do you use YouTube or other video sharing Web sites?

3. How has copyright law moved from being largely the concern of mass media companies to an issue that affects all of us?

4. How are copyright laws simultaneously protective of rights and harmful to free speech?
5. What does the Fair Use doctrine allow under US law? Which types of uses are permitted under Fair Use and which are not, and why?

6. What are some of the examples of Fair Uses from this film? How has the documentary you are watching made Fair Uses of materials owned by others, and how have these been justified?

7. How has the Internet impacted the ways that culture is created and shared? Why is Fair Use important to new forms of cultural production such as viral videos and song remixes?

8. Is Fair Use a right or not? Should it be one? What are the problems associated with making a Fair Use claim in your own work, especially with regard to being sued?

9. How have the demands of private companies for total control over the uses of their copyrights been met by documentary filmmakers?