Getting Started:

  • To start, load Garageband:


  • Then, choose ‘Create a New Music Project’. Give your project a name (use your first and last name), and save it on the Desktop.
  • You should now see the program. To make a song, you just choose from a selection of Loops. You put them together like a jigsaw to make a song. If you don’t like one of the pieces, you can delete it, or move it to a new place in your song. To find the loops, click on the Loops button:


  • Now, choose an instrument, or a type of music from the options that appear. You will see lots of different types of music in the list on the right. To hear one, double click on it.
  • When you have found something that you like, drag it up into the main window.


  • Keep searching for new and interesting loops. Drag them up into the main window. You can move the around by dragging. You can also delete them, by clicking on them, and pressing ‘Backspace’ on the keyboard.
  • If you have found a loop that you really like, you can repeat it. Move your mouse to the right edge of the loop so that it makes a spiral shape. Now drag the edge of the loop to make it longer.
  • You can use the stop / play / rewind buttons to listen to your song:


  • When you’re happy with your song, click on ‘Share’ and ‘Send Song to iTunes’:


  • Can you make a song for the start of a radio news show?
  • Think of a title for your song first (e.g. ‘Morning Skies’, or ‘Good News’) and make some music which fits that title.
  • Create some music which might be used in a dramatic part of a film or soap opera.