Read the following article…
Student hoaxes world’s media on Wikipedia <— Click the link to go to the article from, then come back here and reply with your opinion and answer the questions below.

We have all used wikipedia to look up information on a multitude of topics, but how accurate can a user based encyclopedia be?  You just read an article that discusses how inaccurate and misleading the info-based website can become.  Not very good when a synonym of information is intelligence.  If we turn to and rely on wikipedia for our information, does it in return control our intelligence?

Answer the following questions:

1.  When was wikipedia created?
2.  How many articles are available on wikipedia?
3.  How many languages is wikipedia available in?
4.  How often do you use wikipedia to research topics?
5.  Do you double check your information and facts when using wikipedia?
5a.  If yes, what sources do you use to double check?
6.   Where did you get/find your information before wikipedia was available?