Yesterday we filled out an online job application and discussed valuable information on how to make your application standout from all the others. Take some time and answer the following questions. If you feel you need help, feel free to use google or your favorite search engine to find the answers.

1. Should you use blue or black ink to fill out your application?

2. Should you fill in all blanks?

3. If a question does not apply to you, what do you write?

4. Do you always tell the truth on your application?

5. How should your salary expectations be filled in?

6. Do you sign your full name?

7. Can volunteer work be listed under work experience?

8. Should you get permission from the person(s) you are using as a reference?

9. What must you include when listing your telephone number?

10. How should you list your duties at your most recent job?

12 What information do you need to be able to list references?

13. What order should your work history be listed in?

Awesome… You did so well on your job application, you have been called in for an interview… here are some very useful tips for A Successful Interview.

1. Be Mindful Of The Physical Appearance You Project
If you look good, you feel good. Image is important. First 7 seconds – impressions are formed.

2. Never Create A Situations Where You Can Keep The Interviewer Waiting.
The interview will go downhill from the very start, regardless of your alibi.

3. Smile! – Unfreeze Your Face
Improves your looks 100% – gives you confidence and makes the other person feel comfortable.

4. Shake Hands Firmly
Firm handshake suggests a sense of purpose and strength of character.

5. Present A Positive Attitude
If you believe in yourself, you will be more confident and project a positive image to others. Self-doubts and fear of failure can scuttle a job interview.

6. Show Enthusiasm
Adds luster to any personality. Positive thoughts bring positive results.

7. Listen Attentively
To show that you are listening attentively and as a mark of respect, look at the interviewer directly when he/she speaks. Eye contact is important.

8. Relax, Be Honest, Be Yourself
Be able to calmly and confidently discuss your experience, education, skills, and how these will benefit the company. Be prepared. Remember that you’re re-interviewing the company as much as being interviewed.

9. Don’t Talk Too Much Or Too Little
If you’re not sure about a question, ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Answer questions completely. Stress what you can do best and what skills you could bring to the company.
Don’t reveal personal information.

10. Send A Follow-Up Or Thank You Letter
Keep the note short – Address it to your interviewer – Send it right away.