Former Death Row aritst, DR. Dre has filed a lawsuit for reportedly not receiving royalty payments from his 1992 album, The Chronic
Dre claims he hasn’t been paid a penny since he bounced out on Death Row in 1996. Since then, Death Row filed bankruptcy and was recently bought by a company called WIDEawake.
“When it came to paying artist royalties and honoring limits on Dr. Dre recordings that could be released, the “new” Death Row Records, to quote our client, ‘forgot about Dre,’” Young’s attorney Howard King said in a statement. “This lawsuit will make sure they remember.”
Dre is suing for unspecified damages of more than $75,000.
Hmmmm …Sounds like a teachable moment. Check below and lookup information on different types of royalties.

1. Music royalties:

2. Artist Royalties:

3. Mechanical Royalties:

4. Performance Royalties:

5. Synchronization Royalties:

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1. Compulsory licensing

2. Statutory royalty rate

3. Shared copyrights

4. Sampled composition

5. Transfer of copyrights

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