Definitive Jux is an independent record label based in New York CityUnited States.  The label was initially known simply as Def Jux, but in 2001 popular hip hop label Def Jam Recordings sued Def Jux over the name similarity. This lawsuit was settled out of court and the name was officially changed to Definitive Jux.

Based on what we have discussed about Copyright Laws, Do you think the name is similar enough to be sued?

1) What is Copyright?
2) What is Attribution?
3) What Public Domain?
4) What Fair Use?
5) Can I use a photograph I found from the Smithsonian website, can I use it in my class report?

The following are either True or False.

______ 1. My students own the copyright to the original works they create in my classroom.
______ 2. My students must register their work with the U.S. Copyright Office if they want copyright
protection for something they have created in the classroom.
______ 3. Music can be downloaded in the classroom from any website since it’s only being used in school.
______ 4. “Fair use” means that teachers have the right to copy anything they like, as long as it is for
classroom use.
______ 5. If an article on a website doesn’t carry a copyright notice, it is in the public domain.
______ 6. My students must contact the U.S. Copyright Office in order to obtain permission to use
copyrighted work in their school reports.
______ 7. As a teacher, I can photocopy a set of pages from a student workbook for the class.
______ 8. It is permissible to publish a link to a list of resources from another website on my class website.
______ 9. One of my students is a talented artist who redrew several student photographs taken for the class
yearbook to use in her class project. Since it’s an intramural situation, it’s OK for her to do this
without getting permission.
______ 10. It is permissible for a student to share computer software with a classmate, as long as it will be
used only for school projects.