Part I

What are your thoughts on the video clip The Story of Stuff?  Please leave a your comments here.

Also, answer the questions below.

1.  What is Perceived Obsolescence?

2.  What is Planned Obsolescence?

3.  What fraction of natural resources are gone?

4.  What are the 2 most popular activities for americans during leisure time?

5) Do you agree or disagree with the video clip?

(Write a paragraph, at least 4 sentences)

6) How long do most of your electronic devices (i-pod, cell phone, etc.) last?

Click the image below to be taken to the story of stuff website for more information.

Part II

Click the image below to be taken to article/video.  Leave a comment with an invention of your own or addition to this invention.

click this link to see my invention, not really but it does show how to upgrade your i-touch or i-phone to an i-pad free.