Write a script for a 30 – 60 second radio commercial. The commercial will be an ad  for a product you choose from the topic list below. The audio file will be created in Garageband and exported as an .mp3 to your desktop folder. The commercial should contain music, sound effects, or possibly a jingle for the product. You can create music and jingles in Garageband and use them in your project. You need an announcer or actors in your commercial as well. Make sure your product brand is clear and that people feel compelled to buy it. The commercial should be professional and appropriate for ages 4-94. These are the things you must accomplish in your commercial.

Tips for Advertising:

• The purpose of a radio commercial is to get listeners to do something.
• Keep it simple.
• Draw the listener into your commercial.
• Make it sound real

Products/Services to choose from: (choose one of the following, or make up your own)

1) Chapala Market (needs new customers)
2) Taco Riendo (new taco spot, needs to let people know about it)
3) Haircuts by Oraida (new barbershop/beauty salon, needs new customers)
4) Pro Wings (shoe company needs new customers)
5) Butterscotch (female singer releasing new album, needs to let people know about it)