You can use Ch. 2 of our book to find the answers… click on leave a comment and answer them.  🙂

Ch. 2 – Physics and Psychophysics of Sound

1.  Sound can be described in 3 ways.  What are they?

2.  What is a soundwave?

3.  Elasticity is the ______________________________.

4.  What is compression?

5.  The number of cycles that a vibration completes in one second is __________________ .

6.  If a vibration completes 50 cycles per second (cps) What is its frequency?  ______ (Hz)

7.  If a vibration completes 10,000 cps, its frequency is ________.

8.  Just below the low end and above the high end, the name of the frequencies

we can only sense and not hear.  (there are two)

9.  What is an octave?

10. What is a fundamental?  What are its harmonics?  What are its overtones?

11. What are the 5 components that make up a soundwave?

12. The size of a sound wave determines its _____________.

13. Loudness is measured in ____________.

14. What is Timbre?

15. What is masking?