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1) What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?
2) What is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)?
3) What are your own thoughts on sharing files such as movies and music with friends?
4) What countries are involved in the ACTA?
5) What is the Freedom of Information Act?
6) What is the Electronic Frontier Foundation?
7) What is the  Knowledge Ecology International?
8) What is the The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)?
9) What do these organizations and acts have in common?
10) What is piracy?  Is it illegal?
11) What is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)?
12) What is a Poor Man’s Copyright?
13) What is a Trademark?
14) What is a Patent?

1. Name a song from any of the 5 Bands/Dj’s Below.

2. Which of the bands performing at the Hue won a Grammy Award this year (2013)?

3. What is a Grammy Award?

4. Where is the Hue Fest taking place this year?

5. When is the Hue Fest?


Click on the image below and use Chapter 4 of your book to find the answer to the questions.

Read the following article…
Student hoaxes world’s media on Wikipedia <— Click the link to go to the article from, then come back here and reply with your opinion and answer the questions below.

We have all used wikipedia to look up information on a multitude of topics, but how accurate can a user based encyclopedia be?  You just read an article that discusses how inaccurate and misleading the info-based website can become.  Not very good when a synonym of information is intelligence.  If we turn to and rely on wikipedia for our information, does it in return control our intelligence?

Answer the following questions:

1.  When was wikipedia created?
2.  How many articles are available on wikipedia?
3.  How many languages is wikipedia available in?
4.  How often do you use wikipedia to research topics?
5.  Do you double check your information and facts when using wikipedia?
5a.  If yes, what sources do you use to double check?
6.   Where did you get/find your information before wikipedia was available?

1) What record label did Nate Dogg start his career off at?

2) What song introduced both Nate Dogg and Warren G (was included in the Above the Rim soundtrack)?

3) What was the name of the group that consisted of Nate Dogg, Warren G and Snoop Dogg? (also the area code of Long Beach, CA)

4) Who are the members of Tha Dogg Pound?  (DPG)

5) Name a solo album released by Nate Dogg.

6) What age was Nate Dogg when he died?

7) What did he die of?

8) Name 2 songs that Nate Dogg was on.

9) Name a song that features both 2pac and Nate Dogg.  *could also be used for #8

  1. Upload 2 MP3’s to
  2. Leave a comment on 3 other users sounds 

Find information on the following and provide the best answer.

  1. What products does Propellerhead make?
  2. What is Propellerhead Reason?
  3. What is the cost for Propellerhead Reason?
  4. What is Propellerhead Record?
  5. What is the cost for Propellerhead Record?
  6. What is Digidesign Pro Tools?
  7. What is the cost of Digidesign Pro Tools?
  8. What is FL Studio?
  9. What is the cost of FL Studio?
  10. Which product(s) do you think are better?
  11. Which product(s) do you most look forward to using?


We have used Garageband and discussed Clyde Stubblefield, who is a highly sampled drummer, but now it is time to create our own drum patterns.  Click the image below to use an online drum machine called Monkey Machine.  Make your own drum patterns and sequences and follow along as I explain some of the basic features.

Write a script for a 30 – 60 second radio commercial. The commercial will be an ad  for a product you choose from the topic list below. The audio file will be created in Garageband and exported as an .mp3 to your desktop folder. The commercial should contain music, sound effects, or possibly a jingle for the product. You can create music and jingles in Garageband and use them in your project. You need an announcer or actors in your commercial as well. Make sure your product brand is clear and that people feel compelled to buy it. The commercial should be professional and appropriate for ages 4-94. These are the things you must accomplish in your commercial.

Tips for Advertising:

• The purpose of a radio commercial is to get listeners to do something.
• Keep it simple.
• Draw the listener into your commercial.
• Make it sound real

Products/Services to choose from: (choose one of the following, or make up your own)

1) Chapala Market (needs new customers)
2) Taco Riendo (new taco spot, needs to let people know about it)
3) Haircuts by Oraida (new barbershop/beauty salon, needs new customers)
4) Pro Wings (shoe company needs new customers)
5) Butterscotch (female singer releasing new album, needs to let people know about it)

I’d like for you to create a video clip using the built in video camera on your iMac (use photobooth) and import it into GarageBand.  Once you have it in GarageBand I would like for you to replace the audio with loops, sound FX or anything else you like.  Also add 2 photos to your video.  Once you are done, export your video and save it on your desktop as your name.  Click the movie file and press Command and i to get the information of the file.  Leave a comment with the size of the file.

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