On Monday, we read about Def Jam – a record label that was started 25 years ago in a New York University dorm room and has since gone on to release numerous multi-platinum albums.

Today, I’d like you to look up the following information on the record label of your choice.

1)  When was the record label created?
2)  Where is/was the record label based?  (New York, Los Angeles.. etc.)
3)  Is the record label still in existence?
4)  Name a few artists that are or were signed to the label.
5)  Any interesting story or facts about the label?
6)  Does the record label specialize in a certain genre or music type?
7)  What do you like or dislike about the record label?
8)  What would you change about the record label if you were President of the label?
9)  Think of a name for your own record label.
10)  Who would be the first artist or group that you would sign to your new record label?
11) Do you have a favorite record label?
12) Name 5 record labels.