Click the image below and read the article to answer the following questions about Reinventing the TV experience.

1) What website company is the article from?

2) What is the name of the company the analyst is from?

3) How long has he been an analyst?

4) What is his name (author of the article)?

5) What are the only 2 inventions that have made it to the mass market since 2000?

6) What are the only 3 “experiential” evolutions we have seen since television was invented?

7) The analyst says the “TV experience needs to be ________________.”

8) What are the 3 companies that excite him, “how the TV will become a platform in the future?”

9) What is the current aspect ratio of TV?

10) What is the aspect ratio of “some new” TV’s?

11) The added space on the sides or top and bottom of the TV display could be used for additional content… What is that content?

12) What are two genres that stick out as content that can be extremely interactive?

13) “When TV was first invented, it transformed an audio-only experience into ___ _________ _____.”

14) For TV to be reinvented we need to transform the audio and visual experience into _________, ___________, ____________.