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1. Going from one place to another on the Internet is called:
a. the World Wide Web
b. email address
c. surfing the net
d. google

2. A huge collection of electronic pages containing information about many different subjects is called:
a. the World Wide Web
b. email address
c. surfing the net
d. earth

3. A connection between two Web pages is a link.

4. The home page is the first thing you see when you get online.

5. Copying a file from another computer to your computer is called:
a. downloading
b. uploading
c. link
d. cheese burger

6. Which one is not an output device?
a. Printer
b. Monitor
c. Keyboard
d. Modem

7. Which one works as an output and input device?
a. Modem
b. Scanner
c. Mouse
d. Monitor

8. All computers must have:
a. Word processing software
b. An operating system
c. A printer attached
d. A virus checking program

9. The brain of the computer is called:
a. Random Access Memory or RAM
b. Central Processing Unit or CPU
c. Read Only Memory or ROM

10. An operating system is:
a. Integrated software
b. CD-ROM software
c. Application software
d. System software

11. Software is:
a. A computer program
b. A set of instructions
c. All of the above
d. Beans and Rice

12. One MB is equal to:
a. The amount of RAM in every computer
b. 1 billion bytes
c. 1024KB
d. 1 thousand bytes

13. The resolution of a printer is measured in:
a. Megabits
b. Hz
c. Dots per inch (DPI)
d. Inches (diagonal)

14. Windows and Macintosh computers:
a. Are both manufactured by Motorola
b. Both use Intel microprocessors
c. Use the same operating system
d. squashed the beef like the crips and the bloods

15. A computer port is used to:
a. Communicate with other computer peripherals
b. Download files from the web
c. Communicate with all hard drives
d. Connect computers together

16. Which computer is the fastest?
a. PII 600MHz
b. PIII 600MHz
c. Pentium 600MHz
d. 486 Turbo

17. Which hard disk will be able to store more information?
a. 24MB
b. 2400KB
c. 24GB
d. 240MB

18.  In order for your computer to play music you need:
a. A network card and speakers
b. A sound card and speakers
c. Nothing more than the internal speaker
d. A CD-ROM drive

19. In order to access the World Wide Web you need:
a. An Internet connection, an Internet Service Provider and browser software
b. Only Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
c. A modem and a browser
d. Nothing. All computers can access the Internet

20. If you have two different printers attached to your computer:
a. It is not possible to have two printers attached to a single computer
b. You need to install a single printer driver
c. You need to use application software that can recognize both printers
d. You need to install two different printer drivers in order to be able to print to either printer

21.  Which file extensions indicate only audio files?
MP3 and DOC

22. Which Windows program do you use to manage folders and files?
a. Windows Explorer
b. Windows Accessories
c. Microsoft Office
d. Windows Control Panel

23. What is a URL:
a. An email address
b. The title of a web site
c. The address of a page on the World Wide Web
d. A communication method between computers and printers

24. Which media holds more information?
a. Floppy diskette
b. DVD
d. Zip drive

25. Which one is an email address:
b. D:\\Email\Standard


26. What does the X in Mac OSX stand for?

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