Instructions: Select the correct answer

1.  What can we use to “talk” to a computer?
a keyboard
a mouse
a microphone
all of the above

2.  What is a URL?
a keyboard
an Internet address
a hard drive
a turkey

3.  Where is your computer desktop?
on the screen
on the keyboard
on the Internet
on the CPU

4.  Which holds the most information?
a floppy disk
a book
a compact disk
a baseball bat

5.  Where do your pointer fingers rest on the home row?
a and k
f and j
d and k
r and u

6.  To speak into the microphone you must:
put it in your mouth
speak quietly
put it on your mouth
all of the above

7.  A keyboard is an input device.

True or False

8.  A computer is not much use without an operating system.

True or False

9.  Speakers are an example of an output device.

True or False

10. When I’m finished working on the computer, I can just turn it off by pushing the off button.

True or False

11. Text you can click on to move to another spot on the Internet is called:

12.  You must double-click:
on hypertext
on icons

13. The software that allows you to surf the Internet is your:

14. Case sensitive means:
not suitable for all ages
correct capital and lower case letters are necessary
your feelings will be hurt

15. A webmaster is one who:
creates a website
knows how to surf the Internet
teaches Internet usage

16. .com indicates:
that the website sells something
that the website is a commercial one

17. Drag and drop means:
Putting something in your recycle file
Moving documents from one computer to another
Clicking and holding to move something to another spot

18. Writing an email message in all capital letters:
indicates yelling and is rude
is helpful for the recipient
doesn’t matter

19. A group of many computers all over the world that are all connected to each other is called:
the Internet
online service

20. Getting onto the Internet is called:
going online