Today, we will all learn how to easily upload and share audio online… FREE.  Okay, but before we even get to that point, we have to create some ORIGINAL audio and in order to do that, you can use garage band. Yesterday we created 8-bit chiptunes, so that is perfect to upload and share.  You will first need to convert the files to MP3’s.  Remember in order to do that you need to go to SHARE —-> EXPORT SONG TO DISK —-> (make sure you select MP3 encoder for compression and not aac.) save the MP3 to your desktop – this is the file you will upload to mix cloud. Next you will create an account on the website

1. You need an email to create an account on mixcloud, if you do not have one I recommend creating one at

2. Create a username and password that YOU WILL REMEMBER!  We will be using this website throughout the year and it is important that you are able to access it at all times.

3.  Your username cannot contain any spaces.

4.  UPLOAD your Mp3 to mixcloud.  We will later share with my other classes and you will be able to hear their remixes as well.