Answer the following during the video clip.

  1. What was the primary question that Morgan had when he started this experiment?
  • What would happen if_____________________________________

  1. What was Morgan’s weight at the start of the month?
  2. Did his doctors think that his health would suffer greatly from his experiment? How? Why?
  3. How much money does McDonalds spend of advertising each year?
  4. Describe Morgan’s personality at the start of the month? Did he seem friendly? Happy? Angry? Would you want him to be your friend? Give reasons.
  5. What are the rules for Morgan’s experiment?
  6. By day 15 do you notice a change in the way Morgan looks? What changes have taken place? Describe.
  7. What did his girlfriend say about how Morgan has changed during the month?
  8. What are the doctor’s opinions of the experiment after 20 days?
  9. What do you think is the reason that McDonalds refused to be interviewed for this movie?
  10. Who do you think is more to blame for obesity in America, companies that spend billions of dollars to tell you that their food is good to eat or individuals who don’t make good decisions or take responsibility regarding their health?
  11. Do you think this movie was interesting and would you recommend it to others? Give reasons.
  12. What does BMI stand for? BMI is called an acronym—supply another and its designation [what does it stand for…?]
  13. According to the video, what percentage of Americans get no exercise?
  14. About how many steps equal a mile?
  15. List four ways McDonalds lures children to their restaurant.
  16. To what [weight measure/ size] is a sensible portion of meat equivalent?
  17. How many calories are in an original small French fries from McDonalds?
  18. How many calories are in a Supersize French fries?
  19. How much sugar is in ½ gallon of soda?