Completing this computer hunt could make you more knowledgeable about the computer than your teacher. Go for it!
Use the links to go to a site that has the answer. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to ascertain the answer.
Use your Go menu to return to this page for the next question.

1. List the 4 NETS for better Internet searching.





2. List 3 synonyms for the Internet.

3. Why is bandwidth important to Internet users? Do the Interactivity Exercise to find out.
Write as a fraction the comparison between the downloading times of a 50kbs text file and the 900kbs car image file
using a 28.8kbs modem.

4. Search engines maintain massive databases of the WWW.
What is a database?

5. Give three examples of common paper databases.

6. What is spyware? What does it do? How does a computer user often get it in their computer?

7. Yahoo is an Internet directory. Scan this tutorial. How is it organized?

When is a directory helpful?

8. A specialized search engine is a great asset when hunting for a particular thing on the web.
Here is a directory of some.

List two engines for finding images:

List one for finding info on states or counties.

Which would locate an online version of a book written by Dickens or Franklin?

Which would be best for finding out who won the recent election?

9. What is a domain name? (A second explanation)

10. Suppose you are doing a research project about NFL football. You harness a search engine.
You enter football and get tons of hits about soccer.
How can you search the WWW for info on football excluding sites/pages on soccer? A second resource

11. In a building, a firewall prevents the spread of fire within the structure. They often surround staircases to protect the escape route. Savvy computer users on networks also have firewalls. What is a computer firewall? (Look it up)

12. You want to connect to a site you have bookmarked. But instead you get a 404 message. Enter two reasons for getting the message.



13. What can you try, before leaving the site, to try to relocate your page?

14. FYI – Do you have a computer acronym you would like to understand? Find it at The Acronym Database
What do the following acronyms mean?



IM –


15. Why should you “Post to be Private” in social networking sites?