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Peep it. Have you heard of the Game DOOM? This game made first person shooters popular. Read the “Press release” and answer the questions in in the form below.A press release is what is used to announce to news agencies events and even product releases. These help the news get organized faster and help spread the word faster instead of waiting for the news to search for your news event, Press releases help get your story media coverage.

Read the article below…PLAY THE GAME and Click on the picture of DOOM to answer questions.


Id Software
1515 N. Town East Blvd. #138-297, Mesquite, TX  75150

Contact:        Jay Wilbur
FAX:            1-214-686-9288
Email: (NeXTMail O.K.)
Anonymous FTP: (/pub/msdos/games/id)
CIS:            72600,1333

Id Software to Unleash DOOM on the PC

Revolutionary Programming and Advanced Design Make For Great

DALLAS, Texas, January 1, 1993-Heralding another technical
revolution in PC programming, Id Software's DOOM promises to
push back the boundaries of what was thought possible on a 386sx
or better computer.  The company plans to release DOOM for the
PC in the third quarter of 1993, with versions planned for
Windows, Windows NT, and a version for the NeXTall to be
released later.

In DOOM, you play one of four off-duty soldiers suddenly thrown
into the middle of an interdimensional war!  Stationed at a
scientific research facility, your days are filled with tedium
and paperwork.  Today is a bit different.  Wave after wave of
demonic creatures are spreading through the base, killing or
possessing everyone in sight.  As you stand knee-deep in the
dead, your duty seems clear-you must eradicate the enemy and
find out where they're coming from.  When you find out the
truth, your sense of reality may be shattered!

The first episode of DOOM will be shareware.  When you register,
you'll receive the next two episodes, which feature a journey
into another dimension, filled to its hellish horizon with fire
and flesh.  Wage war against the infernal onslaught with machine
guns, missile launchers, and mysterious supernatural weapons.
Decide the fate of two universes as you battle to survive!
Succeed and you will be humanity's heroes; fail and you will
spell its doom.

The game takes up to four players through a futuristic world,
where they may cooperate or compete to beat the invading
creatures.  It boasts a much more active environment than Id's
previous effort, Wolfenstein 3-D, while retaining the
pulse-pounding action and excitement.  DOOM features a fantastic
fully texture-mapped environment, a host of technical tour de
forces to surprise the eyes, multiple player option, and smooth
gameplay on any 386 or better.

John Carmack, Id's Technical Director, is very excited about
DOOM: Wolfenstein is primitive compared to DOOM.  We're doing
DOOM the right way this time.   I've had some very good insights
and optimizations that will make the DOOM engine perform at a
great frame rate.  The game runs fine on a 386sx, and on a
486/33, we're talking 35 frames per second, fully texture-mapped
at normal detail, for a large area of the screen.  That's the
fastest texture-mapping around-period.

Texture mapping, for those not following the game magazines, is
a technique that allows the program to place fully-drawn art on
the walls of a 3-D maze.  Combined with other techniques,
texture mapping looked realistic enough in Wolfenstein 3-D that
people wrote Id complaining of motion sickness.  In DOOM, the
environment is going to look even more realistic.  Please make
the necessary preparations.

A Convenient DOOM Blurb

DOOM (Requires 386sx, VGA, 2 Meg) Id Software's DOOM is
real-time, three-dimensional, 256-color, fully texture-mapped,
multi-player battle from the safe shores of our universe into
the horrifying depths of the netherworld!    Choose one of four
characters and you're off to war with hideous hellish hulks bent
on chaos and death!  See your friends bite it!  Cause your
friends to bite it!  Bite it yourself!  And if you won't bite
it, there are plenty of demonic denizens to bite it for you!

DOOM-where the sanest place is behind a trigger.

An Overview of DOOM Features:

        Texture-Mapped Environment

DOOM offers the most realistic environment to date on the PC.
Texture-mapping, the process of rendering fully-drawn art and
scanned textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings of an
environment, makes the world much more real, thus bringing the
player more into the game experience.  Others have attempted
this, but DOOM's texture mapping is fast, accurate, and
seamless.  Texture-mapping the floors and ceilings is a big
improvement over Wolfenstein.  With their new advanced graphic
development techniques, allowing game art to be generated five
times faster, Id brings new meaning to "state-of-the-art".

        Non-Orthogonal Walls

Wolfenstein's walls were always at ninety degrees to each other,
and were always eight feet thick.  DOOM's walls can be at any
angle, and be of any thickness.  Walls can have see-through
areas, change shape, and animate.  This allows more natural
construction of levels.  If you can draw it on paper, you can
see it in the game.

        Light Diminishing/Light Sourcing

Another touch adding realism is light diminishing.  With
distance, your surroundings become enshrouded in darkness.  This
makes areas seem huge and intensifies the experience.  Light
sourcing allows lamps and lights to illuminate hallways,
explosions to light up areas, and strobe lights to briefly
reveal things near them.  These two features will make the game
frighteningly real.

        Variable Height Floors and Ceilings

Floors and ceilings can be of any height, allowing for  stairs,
poles, altars, plus low hallways and high caves-allowing a great
variety for rooms and halls.

        Environment Animation and Morphing

Walls can move and transform in DOOM, which provides an
active-and sometimes actively hostile-environment.  Rooms can
close in on you, ceilings can plunge down to crush you, and so
on.  Nothing is for certain in DOOM.

To this Id has added the ability to have animated messages on
the walls, information terminals, access stations, and more.
The environment can act on you, and you can act on the
environment.  If you shoot the walls, they get damaged, and stay
damaged.  Not only does this add realism, but provides a crude
method for marking your path, like violent bread crumbs.

        Palette Translation

Each creature and wall has its own palette which is translated
to the game's palette.  By changing palette colors, one can have
monsters of many colors, players with different weapons,
animating lights, infrared sensors that show monsters or hidden
exits, and many other effects, like indicating monster damage.

        Multiple Players

Up to four players can play over a local network, or two players
can play by modem or serial link.  You can see the other player
in the environment, and in certain situations you can switch to
their view.  This feature, added to the 3-D realism, makes DOOM
a very powerful cooperative game and its release a landmark
event in the software industry.

This is the first game to really exploit the power of LANs and
modems to their full potential.  In 1993, we fully expect to be
the number one cause of decreased productivity in businesses
around the world.

        Smooth, Seamless Gameplay

The environment in DOOM is frightening, but the player can be at
ease when playing.  Much effort has been spent on the
development end to provide the smoothest control on the user
end.  And the frame rate (the rate at which the screen is
updated) is high, so you move smoothly from room to room,
turning and acting as you wish, unhampered by the slow jerky
motion of most 3-D games.  On a 386sx, the game runs well, and
on a 486/33, the normal mode frame rate is faster than movies or
television.  This allows for the most important and enjoyable
aspect of gameplay-immersion.

        An Open Game

When our last hit, WOLFENSTEIN 3D was released the public
responded with an almost immediate  deluge of home-brewed
utilities; map editors, sound editors,  trainers, etc.  All
without any help on file formats or game layout from Id
Software.  DOOM will be release as an OPEN GAME.   We will
provide file formats and technical notes for anyone who wants
them.   People will be able to easily write and share anything
from their own map editors to  communications and network

DOOM will be available in the third quarter of 1993.

DOOM, Id, and Wolfenstein are trademarks of Id Software, Inc.

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The root of the word “technology” is the Greek word tecknos, which means “art.” Technology has been linked to art for centuries. For example, it took almost four years for Leonardo Da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world. Today, it would take a graphic artist using a computer about five minutes to reproduce her. Howard Sparks, a well-known author of the 20th century, suggests that, “The art of our era is not art, but technology. Today, Rembrandt is painting automobiles; Shakespeare is writing research papers; Michelangelo is designing more efficient bank lobbies.”

Assignment: What is your view of the idea that today’s art is technology?

After viewing the short video clip, answer the following questions.

1) Name 3 of the scratches mentioned in the video

2) Name 2 of the DJ’s interviewed or mentioned in the video

3) What do you remember from the video?

Look at each picture and choose whether it is a PC or MAC.

Please read carefully before beginning: In this quiz, “PC” refers to any IBM-clone type machine/platform running Windows or its direct predecessors. We all know Macs are personal computers too, but for the purpose of the quiz, as it relates to the modern Mac/PC debate and all those great TV commercials, Mac = Apple and PC = IBM/Microsoft.

Question 1 of 10

I’m a?

Question 2 of 10

This design application is used on which platform?

Question 3 of 10

I’m a?

Question 4 of 10

I’m a?

Question 5 of 10

In default mode, without going into Control Panel or System Preferences and changing settings, pressing the SHIFT key 5 times in a row turns on a special feature on which platform?

Question 6 of 10

The key below can be found with MAC or PC?

Question 7 of 10

I’m a?

Question 8 of 10

I’m a?

Question 9 of 10

Sony Vaio is a MAC or PC?


Question 10 of 10

Is this a Mac or PC?

What (or who) is older?
The basic Macintosh cost $2,495 when it was first released. How much do you think an original Mac in good working order would fetch today?
How big is the screen on the original Macintosh?
How fast is the processor in the original Macintosh?
What company built the processor for the original Macintosh?
Which of the following didn’t happen in 1984:
How much did it cost to produce Apple’s famous “1984” commercial television commercial that ran during the Super Bowl
The Macintosh Super Bowl ad was directed by movie and TV ad veteran Ridley Scott. What was Scott’s best-selling movie at the time?
What company originally developed the Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
How many Macs did Apple sell in its first six months?

Answer the following during the video clip.

  1. What was the primary question that Morgan had when he started this experiment?
  • What would happen if_____________________________________

  1. What was Morgan’s weight at the start of the month?
  2. Did his doctors think that his health would suffer greatly from his experiment? How? Why?
  3. How much money does McDonalds spend of advertising each year?
  4. Describe Morgan’s personality at the start of the month? Did he seem friendly? Happy? Angry? Would you want him to be your friend? Give reasons.
  5. What are the rules for Morgan’s experiment?
  6. By day 15 do you notice a change in the way Morgan looks? What changes have taken place? Describe.
  7. What did his girlfriend say about how Morgan has changed during the month?
  8. What are the doctor’s opinions of the experiment after 20 days?
  9. What do you think is the reason that McDonalds refused to be interviewed for this movie?
  10. Who do you think is more to blame for obesity in America, companies that spend billions of dollars to tell you that their food is good to eat or individuals who don’t make good decisions or take responsibility regarding their health?
  11. Do you think this movie was interesting and would you recommend it to others? Give reasons.
  12. What does BMI stand for? BMI is called an acronym—supply another and its designation [what does it stand for…?]
  13. According to the video, what percentage of Americans get no exercise?
  14. About how many steps equal a mile?
  15. List four ways McDonalds lures children to their restaurant.
  16. To what [weight measure/ size] is a sensible portion of meat equivalent?
  17. How many calories are in an original small French fries from McDonalds?
  18. How many calories are in a Supersize French fries?
  19. How much sugar is in ½ gallon of soda?

Completing this computer hunt could make you more knowledgeable about the computer than your teacher. Go for it!
Use the links to go to a site that has the answer. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to ascertain the answer.
Use your Go menu to return to this page for the next question.

1. List the 4 NETS for better Internet searching.





2. List 3 synonyms for the Internet.

3. Why is bandwidth important to Internet users? Do the Interactivity Exercise to find out.
Write as a fraction the comparison between the downloading times of a 50kbs text file and the 900kbs car image file
using a 28.8kbs modem.

4. Search engines maintain massive databases of the WWW.
What is a database?

5. Give three examples of common paper databases.

6. What is spyware? What does it do? How does a computer user often get it in their computer?

7. Yahoo is an Internet directory. Scan this tutorial. How is it organized?

When is a directory helpful?

8. A specialized search engine is a great asset when hunting for a particular thing on the web.
Here is a directory of some.

List two engines for finding images:

List one for finding info on states or counties.

Which would locate an online version of a book written by Dickens or Franklin?

Which would be best for finding out who won the recent election?

9. What is a domain name? (A second explanation)

10. Suppose you are doing a research project about NFL football. You harness a search engine.
You enter football and get tons of hits about soccer.
How can you search the WWW for info on football excluding sites/pages on soccer? A second resource

11. In a building, a firewall prevents the spread of fire within the structure. They often surround staircases to protect the escape route. Savvy computer users on networks also have firewalls. What is a computer firewall? (Look it up)

12. You want to connect to a site you have bookmarked. But instead you get a 404 message. Enter two reasons for getting the message.



13. What can you try, before leaving the site, to try to relocate your page?

14. FYI – Do you have a computer acronym you would like to understand? Find it at The Acronym Database
What do the following acronyms mean?



IM –


15. Why should you “Post to be Private” in social networking sites?

Click the image below and vote for Jenny Guerrerio.

Click the image below and answer the questions after reading the article from NPR (National Public Radio)

1) What is the name of the long-anticipated eighth Beastie Boys album?

2) What is the name of the Beastie Boys album released in 1986?

3) What is the name of the iconic single released on their 1986 album?

4) What is the name of their newest single?

5) How long (minutes) is the video for the new single?

6) Who are the famous actors that portray the (young) Beastie Boys in the new video?

7) Who are the famous actors that portray the (older) Beastie Boys in the new video?

8) Which of the Beastie Boys was diagnosed with cancer?

9) Name the Hollywood stars that make a guest appearance in the new video?

10) How many albums have the Beastie Boys released since 1986?

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