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click the image below to be taken to a website where you can download various sounds that you can put in garageband to remix.  this is a contest from a record label and the winner will receive various prizes.  Upload your completed remix to your Soundcloud account.

Name what each of the following extensions are used for and a common application/program you can use to open them.

1) .jpg

2) .mp3

3) .exe

4) .dmg

5) .doc

6) .xls

7) .flv

8) .band

9) .sfk

10) .acd

Answer the following questions, you can use your book.  Click “Leave a Comment” to submit your answers.

1. Connection speed affects:  (p. 323)

a. audio quality

b.  file types allowable

c. microphone techniques

d. computer choice

2.  The faster the connection speed: (p. 323)

a. the lower the audio quality

b. the higher the audio quality

c. the more file formats you can send

d. the more compression required

3. Which of the following is not a way to improve audio quality in Internet audio: (p. 324)

a. improving connection speed

b. increasing the size of the files

c. increasing sampling rate

d. compression

4.  There is one basic type of digital file format used in Internet audio. (p. 325)

a. true

b. false

5.  Downloadable nonstreaming formats: (p. 325)

a. utilize the principle of buffering

b. require that the user first download the entire file and store it on the computer’s

hard disk.

c. require specific server software

d. is incredibly fast to download

6.  ISDN made it possible to produce a recording session in real time between studios across town or across the country.   (p. 327)

a. true

b. false

7. All internet audio including MP3 is at or near CD quality. (p.323)

a. true

b. false

8. Reducing the size of internet audio files may improve the quality. (p323)

a. true

b. false

Define the following Key Terms:

Connection speed

streaming formats

Sampling rate

nonstreaming formats

File manipulation


File formats



congrats to Erika Castellanos, winner of the first slam of the year and $100 richer.  if you missed out on the madness, don’t worry… the slam is going down again… next month, march 4, 2011.  peep the new flyer…


February 3, 1959 was “the day the music died”, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash. The incident, which saw three of rock’s biggest stars die at the same time, was the inspiration for Don McLean’s song, American Pie. (American Pie lyrics)

Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holly), Ritchie Valens (Richard Valenzuela), and The Big Bopper (JP Richardson) were flying with pilot Roger Peterson in a private plane from Clear Lake, Iowa, to Moorhead, Minnesota. The flight was the result of several mishaps on the Winter Dance Party tour, and Clear Lake was not even meant to be a stop on the tour. In order to make the next date, and for Buddy Holly to be able to do laundry, the three musicians chartered a Beechcraft Bonanza B35 to fly them to Moorhead.

Originally, Buddy Holly and his bandmates were meant to fly together, but The Big Bopper ended up getting Waylon Jennings’ seat and Ritchie Valens got Tommy Allsup’s spot. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, leaving no survivors. Investigations later determined the crash as caused by poor weather and pilot error. Buddy Holly was 22 years old. Ritchie Valens was 17, and The Big Bopper was 28.

1. When was Ritchie Valens born?
A.   May 13, 1941
B.   June 13, 1941
C.   July 13, 1941
D.   Aug 13, 1941

2. What was his full name?
A.   Ricardo L. Valens
B.   Richard Steven Valenzuela
C.   Richard Villanueva
D.   Ritchie Valenz

3. In 1957, Ritchie Valen joined his first band which was called:
A.   The Silhouettes
B.   The Crickets
C.   LaBamba
D.   The Dells

4. What song was on the “B” side of LaBamba, released in 1958?
A.   Come On. Let’s Go
B.   Donna
C.   Little Girl
D.   Baby Blues

5. What was Ritchie’s first song on the Del-Fi label?
A.   Come On. Let’s Go
B.   Donna
C.   Little Girl
D.   Baby Blues

6. What was Ritchie’s high school girlfriend’s name?
A.   Sandy
B.   Donna
C.   Maria
D.   Elena

7. Who portrayed Ritchie Valens in the movie “LaBamba”?
A.   Lou Diamond Phillips
B.   Esai Morales
C.   Jimmy Smitts
D.   Gary Busey

8. Ritchie Valens was afraid of:
A.   dogs
B.   airplanes
C.   heights
D.   swimming

9. Ritchie Valens was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in what year?
A.   1989
B.   1999
C.   2001
D.   2007

10. How old was Ritchie Valens when he died?
A.   16
B.   17
C.   18
D.   19

Read the article found here and answer the questions below.

1) What is the fastest supercomputer devoted to solving?

2) What is the name of this supercomputer?

3) Who built the supercomputer?

4) What was the cost of the upgrade?

5) What is the performance speed of the computer?

6) What was the previous #1 computer system that is now #2?

7) What is a petaflop?  (Not found in article, use google or another search engine)

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