We’ve come a long way from 8-tracks and albums, cassette tapes and reel to reel recording.  I’d like for you to make an audio timeline similar to the example below.  You can focus on a specific aspect of audio or keep it general, but make sure to go back at least 75 years and go to the present day.  For extra credit, think of what the future has in store for audio.  For example:  MP3′s have been around for nearly 15 years, what will replace the MP3?

1) What is the difference between analog and digital?  Which is more widespread today?

2) What are the widths that audiotape is available in?

3) Name 5 ways to properly handle audiotape.

4) What is wow and flutter?  How is it caused?

5) What is bias?

6) What is sampling?  What are the common sampling rates used in digital audio?

7) What is quantization?

Define the following terms:

Analog Recording
Digital Recording
Audio Data Rate
Bias Current
Digital Audiotape