Match the following keyboard shortcuts with the given output.  Example:

1. Command O = W. open file

A. take picture of entire screen (saves on desktop as “Picture #”
B. take picture of rectangular area of screen that you define
C. undo last operation
D. select all
E. copy selection
F. cut selection
G. quit an application
H. save a document (over previous version)
I. cancel whatever process is happening
J. force-quit an unresponsive application
K. warm reboot a frozen computer
L. paste selection
M. duplicate selected item
N. close all open windows
O. make a new window in application
P. open the file finder application
Q. close currently active window
R. make a new finder window
S. make a new folder
T. get information
U. cycle to next running application
V. open Mac help
W. open a file