I. True/False

1. _____You want as much clipping as possible in every recording.

2. _____You never want to have ambience in a recording.

3. _____MP3’s are superior in quality and larger than wav files.

4. _____Crossfade is a technique used to transition from one audio source to the next.

5. _____You listen for the attack at the beginning of a sound and the decay at the end.

6. _____The properties of a room is comping.

7. _____Frequency and volume are one in the same.

8. _____Crosstalk is talking over another performer.

9. _____Ergonomics is unwanted signal leakage from one signal to another.

10. _____A goal in recording is to reproduce the original sound as close as possible.

11. _____All microphones record sound the same way.

12. _____Rooms vary in the way they effect a recording.

13. _____You use a cue sheet to plan out placement of performers and microphones.

14. _____Treble is the opposite of bass.

15. _____An omnidirectional microphone hears in all directions.

16. _____A Bidirectional microphone has a pickup from the front and back.

17. _____Deesser is a compressor used to reduce the “S” sound in a recording.

18. _____Blocking is taking the best parts of tracks and combining into one.

19. _____Clipping is audible distortion that occurs when a signals level exceeds the limits of a device.

20. _____A mixing network that combines outputs of other channels is a bus.