1.  What does the “I/O” in I/O module stand for?

2.  Which can not be used more than once?
a.  CD-R
b.  usb flash drive
c.  DVD-RW
d.  CD-RW

3.  What website do we use to upload our MP3’s?
a.  www.divshare.com
b.  www.zippyshare.com
c.  www.mediafire.com
d.  www.rapidshare.com

4.  Which of the following is closest to ambience?
a.  Crossfade
b.  Frequency
c.  Room Tone
d.  Ergonomics

5.  What is the shortcut key stroke in GarageBand to open and close the key piano?
a.  command + b
b.  control + k
c.  command + b
d.  command + k

6.  In which mode is edit-undo disabled?
a.  Constructive
b.  Instructive
c.  Destructive
d.  Productive

7.  What options are given when you first open up GarageBand?
eg.  create new…

8.  What is an amplifier used for?
a.  To decrease the amplitude of an electric signal.
b.  To increase the amplitude of an electric signal.
c.  A module that has an input and output.
d.  A module with no input or output.