Congratulations to Milady Maldonado, winner of the March SLAM.

(taken from the Rampage)

Once again it took an overtime haiku to determine a winner, as a record number of poets shared their skills and talents Friday, with first-time champion Milady Maldonado eventually taking the $100 prize.  Twelve poets shared their expertise, with prose ranging from shattered love and trust to chicken – that’s right; chicken!
Many poets read from their notebooks, but several just stood up and rambled off the tops of their heads.  Perpetual finalist and two-time champion Marco Galaviz was tied with Milady after two rounds, but could not top her perfect score of 30 on the assigned haiku about “love”.  Milady assured us she is no “Cosmo girl” in her haiku, but she is $100 richer – Congratulations to all the poets, and thanks to all who participated and helped.

Peep the new flyer.