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1.  What does the “I/O” in I/O module stand for?

2.  Which can not be used more than once?
a.  CD-R
b.  usb flash drive
c.  DVD-RW
d.  CD-RW

3.  What website do we use to upload our MP3’s?

4.  Which of the following is closest to ambience?
a.  Crossfade
b.  Frequency
c.  Room Tone
d.  Ergonomics

5.  What is the shortcut key stroke in GarageBand to open and close the key piano?
a.  command + b
b.  control + k
c.  command + b
d.  command + k

6.  In which mode is edit-undo disabled?
a.  Constructive
b.  Instructive
c.  Destructive
d.  Productive

7.  What options are given when you first open up GarageBand?
eg.  create new…

8.  What is an amplifier used for?
a.  To decrease the amplitude of an electric signal.
b.  To increase the amplitude of an electric signal.
c.  A module that has an input and output.
d.  A module with no input or output.

Watch the video below and answer the questions….

1. Under what menu can you find the create NEW TRACK option?

2. What is the keyboard shortcut to record?

3.  Name 5 SFX found in garage band..

4.  How do you add a new track to record?

What are your thoughts on the video clip The Story of Stuff?  Please leave a your comments here.

Our friends from Florida are now in Georgia and have made it on CNN.  Watch the video clip found at this link and leave your thoughts and answer the following questions.

1.  What is the Dream Act?
2.  Where are the 4 students from and where are they walking to?
3.  Do you support the Dream Act?
4.  What can we do to support their effort?

Also, check out their website at and check their blog for the latest information on where they are at and where they are headed.

Applications are now being accepted for the 28th Annual Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) Summer Conference and students are urged to apply.  The CLYLP Summer Conference is a premier leadership conference open to current 10th and 11th grade California high school students.  The deadline for filing applications for the youth conference is Wednesday, March 31, 2010. For more information about CLYLP or to download the student application materials, please visit the CLYLP website at

13 years ago today, March 9th, the music industry lost one of its most vocal and promising young talents.  Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, was known for his fierce lyrical ability and delivery.  Respect due to one of the greatest to ever touch a microphone.  Brooklyn Stand Up!

Define the following terms:

1) Mixdown
2) Mixer
3) Sweetening
4) Cocktail party effect
5) Layering
6) SFX
7) Donut
8) Compression
9) Backtiming
10) Equalizer
11) Low-frequency enhancement
12) Surround sound
13) Bias
14) Bias current
15) Bandwidth curve

** Most of these words can be found in Ch. 19 or our book, Audio in Media **

Congratulations to Milady Maldonado, winner of the March SLAM.

(taken from the Rampage)

Once again it took an overtime haiku to determine a winner, as a record number of poets shared their skills and talents Friday, with first-time champion Milady Maldonado eventually taking the $100 prize.  Twelve poets shared their expertise, with prose ranging from shattered love and trust to chicken – that’s right; chicken!
Many poets read from their notebooks, but several just stood up and rambled off the tops of their heads.  Perpetual finalist and two-time champion Marco Galaviz was tied with Milady after two rounds, but could not top her perfect score of 30 on the assigned haiku about “love”.  Milady assured us she is no “Cosmo girl” in her haiku, but she is $100 richer – Congratulations to all the poets, and thanks to all who participated and helped.

Peep the new flyer.

Go to the following page for today’s assignment. CD Reviews.

We will be adding a new section to our website that reviews new Audio albums and CD’s that are released.  CD’s are released every week on Tuesdays.  I’d like for you to read a few reviews and come up with one of your own.

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