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Congratulations!  Your show idea has been selected to air a pilot, but first you must submit the Theme Music and record a voice over of one scene.  You can use either GarageBand or Reason to create the theme music for your show and use GarageBand with the built in microphone on your computer to record your voice over.  You can work alone or in a group of 2 or 3.  Both your theme song and voice over should be between 1 and 2 minutes in length.


Traditional sitcoms have been struggling to maintain their audiences, which are increasingly turning to reality TV.  Suppose you’ve been asked to revitalize the sitcom industry by creating a new, original show.  Write two paragraphs about your show, explaining what it’s about, where it will be set and what kind of actors it will star.

What products does Propellerhead make?

What is Propellerhead Reason?

What is the cost for Propellerhead Reason?

What is Propellerhead Record?

What is the cost for Propellerhead Record?

What is Digidesign Pro Tools?

What is the cost of Digidesign Pro Tools?

What is FL Studio?

What is the cost of FL Studio?

Which product(s) do you think are better?

Which product(s) do you most look forward to using?

Read the article found here and answer the questions below.

1) What is the fastest supercomputer devoted to solving?

2) What is the name of this supercomputer?

3) Who built the supercomputer?

4) What was the cost of the upgrade?

5) What is the performance speed of the computer?

6) What was the previous #1 computer system that is now #2?

7) What is a petaflop?  (Not found in article, use google or another search engine)

1. What is technology?

2. What is the goal of technology?

3. Which one IS NOT an example of technology?

a. Measuring Cup                      b. Magnifying Glass
c. Cactus Thorn                        d. Seedless Watermelon

4. Is technology always helpful to people? ___________________________

5. Choose one example of technology and describe how it has improved your life.

If you were absent and/or did not  complete your work from Thursday, February 11, 2010… Here are the questions we covered… You can use Ch. 2 of our book to find the answers… click on leave a comment and answer them.  🙂

Ch. 2 – Physics and Psychophysics of Sound

1.  Sound can be described in 3 ways.  What are they?

2.  What is a soundwave?

3.  Elasticity is the ______________________________.

4.  What is compression?

5.  The number of cycles that a vibration completes in one second is __________________ .

6.  If a vibration completes 50 cycles per second (cps) What is its frequency?  ______ (Hz)

7.  If a vibration completes 10,000 cps, its frequency is ________.

8.  Just below the low end and above the high end, the name of the frequencies

we can only sense and not hear.  (there are two)

9.  What is an octave?

10. What is a fundamental?  What are its harmonics?  What are its overtones?

11. What are the 5 components that make up a soundwave?

12. The size of a sound wave determines its _____________.

13. Loudness is measured in ____________.

14. What is Timbre?

15. What is masking?

1) What is the difference between analog and digital?  Which is more widespread today?

2) What are the widths that audiotape is available in?

3) Name 5 ways to properly handle audiotape.

4) What is wow and flutter?  How is it caused?

5) What is bias?

6) What is sampling?  What are the common sampling rates used in digital audio?

7) What is quantization?

Define the following terms:

Analog Recording
Digital Recording
Audio Data Rate
Bias Current
Digital Audiotape

Read the article HERE and find the definition of the following terms.  Make sure to click on NEXT at the bottom right of each page to continue with the article.

1) What is a Codec?
2) What is compression ration?
3) What is Lossy/Lossless?
4) What is Bit Rate?
5) What is VBR?
6) What is CBR?
7) What is Sample Rate/Bit Depth?
8) What is Dynamic Range?
9)  What is DCT?
10) What is ID3?
11) Name 5 major Audio Formats and define each one.

Use the images below to answer the questions at this LINK
(Click image to go to questions)



You have $10,000 to spend on audio gear.  Go to any of the following website(s) and post a comment about what you would buy.

Any other audio/video site is fine to use.

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