Use the following websites to complete the scavenger hunt for information about pop music.  Use Yahoo! or Google to locate additional information.  Remember to double-check your facts!
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American Pop Music 1950-Present
Pop Music of the 1990s

1.  The 1950s offered a combination of sounds, name five?

2.  Who became the “first rock star” in 1956?

3.  How many people attended Woodstock?

4.  LeAnn Rimes’ debut record, “Blue” entered Billboard’s country chart at number  __________________.

How old was she?

5.  Who became the music director and arranger for the NBC“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in March, 1992?

6.  What year did MTV come on the air?

7.  What year did the digitally recorded compact disc become available?

8.  In 1982, what album was realesed that would go on to be the top selling album in history?

9.  Who recorded “Rapper’s Delight” in 1979?

10. In 1986, who released the first multimillion-selling rap albums?

11.  Name two popular sound track albums of the 1990s.

12. What is techno?

13. What is grunge?

14. Name 4 hit songs by Whitney Houston from the 1990s.

15. Name 4 hit songs by Mariah Carey from the 1990s.